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Tales of a Derbyshire Birder!

A Derbyshire Birders Tales...

I have been a birdwatcher for well over 25 years and have done my fair share of local patchwork and twitching in my time...I decided to set up this page to display some of the photo's and artwork that I do over the years, and to write about the stuff we do as we go birding in Derbyshire, around the UK and elsewhere.





Bird of the Moment!

Summer 2017
Bee-eaters breeding in Nottinghamshire?
Winter/Spring 2017
The Blue Rockthrush that wintered in Gloucestershire in Stow-on-the-Wold.
Bluethroat in Linc's
Autumn 2016
Siberian Accentor Easington, Yorkshire 13-14th October 2016
Summer 2016
Western Purple Swamphen, Alkborough Flats in Lincolnshire. September 2016.
 Spring... Dalmatian Pelican in Cornwall on 18th May 2016. A first for Britain?


Derbyshire 2016

Sabine's Gull and Caspian Tern at Carr Vale were both Derbyshire ticks for me and a week apart!


Sabine's Gull.


Caspian Tern.



Other Stuff

I also have interests in many other forms of wildlife, including butterflies and moths (I moth trap in the garden and elsewhere), Dragonflies etc...actually most flora and fauna!

Wood Mouse 


Content of the Site!

The site will contain albums of interesting stuff and my diary when I write it up, plus any interesting articles etc.

See the Nav bar!!! Note site is work in progress at the moment...some albums are empty for now!


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